The 5 Best Toys for Our ‘Paw’erful Cat Friends

You can take a cat out of the forest but you cannot take the hunter out of him. The same is true for every animal in the cat family be it the big daddy lion or the domesticated cats. But are they really domesticated? That question can be answered by some of the ‘psychological facts’ about cats you find on the Internet these days. They say Cats believe they are the masters of their respective ‘hoomans’. Long story short, cats like solitude but they also like to be entertained. So, does your ‘paw’erful friend need a toy? Go figure!

Ball of squeaking toy

Tradition has it that cats love fooling around with balls of yarn. Over the years these balls have evolved. When the feline population amongst human beings has increased, so has the choice of toys for the regular housecat. Needless to say, balls are now made of any material you could imagine for toys. Think of your cat as a child and you get the right picture. Wooden balls, plastic balls, steel balls, you name it. Add a little bit of perspective and you get a wooden/sturdy plastic ball like the one in the picture. Think of the sphere the circus biker uses to go round and round (if you have watched the Simpsons movie, you would know) and you get the idea. The trick is to have a mouse squeak right at the center of the sphere. Every time the toy rolls, the cat should be able to chase after it because of the squeaking noise.

Cat post with toy

This toy is a great workout for the feline’s claws. Cats train their claws using this toy. The column works as a scratch post. However, this requires the human to be alongside the pawed fella. This is to ensure that the toy serves its purpose and is engaging for the cat.

Caterpillar Toy

If you have little girls and cats in the same house, the one thing they complain about is their plushies going missing. Some cats are said to be not big on plushies but most still are. This toy uses the love of cats for plushies as well as their love for catnip. Catnip is a plant that grows on either side of the highways. Having a pouch or some sort of a provision on the toy and filling it with fresh, dried catnip helps.

Cat tunnel toy

This is usually used both as a playhouse and as a shelter, especially for kittens. Cats, as the adage goes, are always curious. This toy definitely tickles their curiosity. If you want to buy cat collars or cat tunnels or anything else, check out first to find the perfect toy for your cat.

Cat food maze

If cats could think, this could have been designed as a replica of a terrestrial food chain. However, they are not and hence we would have to make do with this toy. This toy helps the cat get both physically and mentally invigorated. This is because the cat helps its own food through the maze till it falls down. Then it helps itself.

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