Smart Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas is a time for happiness! Christmas is also the time when some of the biggest shopping happens! Whether you are buying from your friendly neighbourhood store, Walmart or from one of the online shopping portals, Christmas is the peak business season for manufacturers and retailers. If you plan ahead and prepare, your Christmas shopping can be smart and economic while fulfilling your expectations.

Make a wish List

You may want to buy an appliance for your home. You will also want to gift your family members, relatives and friends. Make a list. Figure out where you would be buying them. This will help you take care of your purchasing plan and save time and travel.

Make a budget

Make a realistic wish list with a proper budget. Work your way through the list to finalize what you really want to shop. If there is an overrun on the cost front, retain the necessary items and skip the impulsive buys. This will help save heartbreaks later!

Keep Track of Offers and Discounts

Some of the best offers and discounts are announced early. Keep track of offers being announced. Accumulate coupons, vouchers and other discount offers. This will also help you plan on what to buy where. Some items you can buy locally, some of it might be available online at a better price. Keep balancing your list and budget with the offers.

Planning early also gives time to match multiple offers on the same product and arrive at a shopping decision. There are coupons starting from Christmas Trees to cakes, so start planning early to avail of the best offers. Remember it is the early bird that catches the worm!

Find that Ideal Time to Shop

All that is left for you is to plan when to shop. This is important, a million others are shopping during the same time and if you are too early, the new range of products for the season might not have arrived and if you are too late, they might all be gone! So plan your shopping trips wisely. Choosing a weekday makes sense as the shopping crowd is smaller. Choosing a time around lunch also works for the same reason. Buy the perishables closer to the festival and durables well ahead.

Here are some great apps to plan your shopping!

The 5 Best Toys for Our ‘Paw’erful Cat Friends

You can take a cat out of the forest but you cannot take the hunter out of him. The same is true for every animal in the cat family be it the big daddy lion or the domesticated cats. But are they really domesticated? That question can be answered by some of the ‘psychological facts’ about cats you find on the Internet these days. They say Cats believe they are the masters of their respective ‘hoomans’. Long story short, cats like solitude but they also like to be entertained. So, does your ‘paw’erful friend need a toy? Go figure!

Ball of squeaking toy

Tradition has it that cats love fooling around with balls of yarn. Over the years these balls have evolved. When the feline population amongst human beings has increased, so has the choice of toys for the regular housecat. Needless to say, balls are now made of any material you could imagine for toys. Think of your cat as a child and you get the right picture. Wooden balls, plastic balls, steel balls, you name it. Add a little bit of perspective and you get a wooden/sturdy plastic ball like the one in the picture. Think of the sphere the circus biker uses to go round and round (if you have watched the Simpsons movie, you would know) and you get the idea. The trick is to have a mouse squeak right at the center of the sphere. Every time the toy rolls, the cat should be able to chase after it because of the squeaking noise.

Cat post with toy

This toy is a great workout for the feline’s claws. Cats train their claws using this toy. The column works as a scratch post. However, this requires the human to be alongside the pawed fella. This is to ensure that the toy serves its purpose and is engaging for the cat.

Caterpillar Toy

If you have little girls and cats in the same house, the one thing they complain about is their plushies going missing. Some cats are said to be not big on plushies but most still are. This toy uses the love of cats for plushies as well as their love for catnip. Catnip is a plant that grows on either side of the highways. Having a pouch or some sort of a provision on the toy and filling it with fresh, dried catnip helps.

Cat tunnel toy

This is usually used both as a playhouse and as a shelter, especially for kittens. Cats, as the adage goes, are always curious. This toy definitely tickles their curiosity. If you want to buy cat collars or cat tunnels or anything else, check out first to find the perfect toy for your cat.

Cat food maze

If cats could think, this could have been designed as a replica of a terrestrial food chain. However, they are not and hence we would have to make do with this toy. This toy helps the cat get both physically and mentally invigorated. This is because the cat helps its own food through the maze till it falls down. Then it helps itself.

6 Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Water Purifier

Availability of electricity

In areas with limited electricity, an RO or UV filter can be disappointing, especially if its purification speed is low. It is worth considering a filter with high purification speed or alternative non-electrical purification methods. A ceramic filter can be a worthy alternative.

Availability of water supply

If the water supply is already scarce, it might not be wise to use an RO filter (Drink Filtered) which wastes water proportional to the concentration of impurities, although the discarded water can be harvested for other uses such as cleaning vehicles and watering plants. Furthermore, it is advisable to keep RO filters off when there is no water supply, because the motor’s attempts to draw water constantly when there isn’t any available leads to premature burnout, requiring a not so cheap replacement, which introduces the additional overhead of keeping track of water supply.

Storage capacity

This is more relevant if electricity and water supply are available for limited duration and consumption is high in comparison with the resultant rate of filtration. It can be cumbersome to store water elsewhere frequently in order to empty the filter container for more filtration.

Initial and maintenance cost

Reverse osmosis filters are the costliest in terms of initial and maintenance costs. Ultraviolet filters can be purchased at half or one-third of the cost of RO filters, and are low maintenance as well because fewer and less expensive parts need to be replaced with use. Ceramic filters are more economical in comparison and ultrafiltration faucet attachments are dirt cheap.

However, it is strongly advisable to not skimp on water purification and compromise on quality, because the health consequences of unfit water consumption can be far-reaching and more expensive in the long run. If a good quality filter is not affordable, boiling and chlorination are inexpensive and relatively simple alternatives.

Condition of unfiltered water

UV filters kill microorganism with ultraviolet rays, however, their dead bodies remain in the water. Also, they have no effect on dissolved salts and heavy metals such as lead, arsenic. It makes them unsuitable for water with high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) readings. An RO filter is best suited here, because it filters out microorganisms as well as the majority of dissolved solids, giving soft and tasteless water. Ultrafiltration systems are usually faucet mounted and as water runs through them, they filter out germs but not salts. They are best suited for water that is already quite soft.

Ease of use and maintenance

Ceramic filters can be the most inconvenient to maintain because they frequently need to be cleaned cautiously for them to work optimally. Faucet mounted UF filters are can handle rough use, although they require manual cleaning as well. Wall mounted RO and UV filters require little to no upkeep from the user. Under the sink, purifiers can have only a faucet visible above the counter which is neater.

8 Simple Step To Remove Mold Infestations

Molds are a type of fungi which grow in dark, dry and moist areas.They also stink a lot. They can affect anything from walls to the ceiling to clothes. So be wary of any damp areas in the house. Ventilate your house well and periodically check for any leaks to prevent mold infestations. But if you are unlucky enough to have a mold infestation (Lets Remove Mold) to deal with, fret not, as the following steps can help you easily clean out the area.

Step 1: identify the mold infested areas. It is better to clean out all the areas at once. So if you happen to find one area which has mold growth, look for similar growths in other parts of the house as well.

Step 2: Gather and wear protective gear. Use face masks to prevent accidental inhaling of these spores. A lot of people are allergic to molds. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the harshness of the cleaning solutions. Wear old, used clothes and discard them after you are done cleaning out the molds.

Step 3: Use soap and water to scrub the infested area. Leave it on for about an hour and rinse it clean. Repeat if required.

Step 4: Spray the area with baking soda mixed with water. Leave it on for about an hour. You can choose to rinse it off or leave it on permanently. This will act as a deodorizer and will remove the stink of the molds. Baking soda will also help remove any remaining mold growths.

Step 5: Use stronger cleaning solutions like vinegar or borax if the infestation is bad.

Step 6: Clean the areas using baking soda solution every alternate day for about a week to prevent any regrowths.

Step 7: Air out the house after you are done cleaning it. Dehumidify and ventilate the house well to let out the dry musty air which caused these growths.

Step 8: If you find that removing the infestation is not possible despite all these steps, then call in for some professional services. They will be able to help you remove and disinfect the areas completely.

If the mold is inside a pipe or in the heating system, then do not use the pipe or the heating system, until the molds are cleared out. Using the heating system with the mold still inside can cause severe allergies and can prove to be hazardous to your health.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

In today’s time, wedding photography has gained so much prominence that it simply cannot be done without, because, undoubtedly it is the only way to make the memory of a beautiful event such as this last long. As important as it is to hire your photographer (orange county wedding photographer) at the earliest, it is also crucial to make sure he is the perfect one for your wedding. Described below are top 4 things to consider before you finalize your photographer.

The Photography Style Of Your Choice

Consider what story you want your wedding pictures to convey. Would you prefer the event to be captured as it happened in a documentary style or do you look forward to a more dramatic approach? You could also choose to have only the traditional photographs. Or, something that gives a healthy combination of posed and candid shots. If these terms seem to confuse you, ask for the photographer’s portfolio when you set up an interview with him.

Background Research On Photographers

Look up local listings, browse the Internet, or ask for personal recommendations. Go through the photographers’ websites, examine some of their pictures on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and read testimonials from other people. You may even ask the venue or other wedding vendors for references. Jot down the photographers you like, along with a list of questions you’d like to ask them.

Personal Interview

Meet at least 4 or 5 photographers personally and take notes during your interview. Get them to discuss their style, experience in wedding photography, their strengths and weaknesses, and what package they offer for what price. Ask for pictures of an entire wedding to ensure they are all of the same quality. Explain your vision and requirements clearly and what you’d like the photographer to do. Ask him what his plan of action on the day would be—whether he will have assistants or not, how his team will be dressed, what will their interactions with the guests be like, his backup plan if things don’t go as planned, and will he stay longer if required. Get clear details on how and when you would receive the pictures, and whether he will post-process them.

Your Final Call

Go through your interview notes and determine which photographer will best work for you based on his work and your requirements and budget. If his price is above your budget, consider the value of his photos before you put him aside completely. Also, evaluate if you liked him as a person or not. Did you feel comfortable with him? Will he make your guests feel comfortable around him too? Do you trust him to take on the pressure and deliver the results you expect of him?

3 Best Translation Apps For Globetrotters

A major problem that haunts travelers when they visit an unfamiliar country is the inability to understand the local language. While a fair amount of English is spoken by those directly involved in the tourist trade, —enough to get you to hotels or local tourist spots—it becomes insufficient when you need to talk to someone to, say, ask for detailed information. At this point, it is safe to agree that it is quite impossible to learn the local language every time you decide to travel to a new country. What’s the next best solution, then? Language Translation Apps!

Below are 3 apps compatible with iOS and Android phones that have been tried, tested and voted the best by many.

Google Translate

For most, ‘translate’ is synonymous with Google’s tool by the same name. Google Translate is a free, ad-free app that translates over 100 languages, 59 of them accessible offline. For some of those languages, the app further allows you to draw characters instead of typing them. Too much trouble to do either? Have real-time conversations with the app, or point your mobile camera at the signboards and menu cards to get it translated instantly. It is truly as simple as that.

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

iTranslate Translator is a free app using which you can translate over 100 languages in either a male or a female voice. Additionally, the app allows you to switch between dialects when translating. By subscribing to the Pro account, you can make the best use of the app’s other features such as offline translation for 13 languages, verb conjugations, and voice and web translations. Plus, if you happen to own an Apple Watch, make sure you download the special version compatible with the device.


TripLingo’s translation tool is what you exactly need to sound less like a tourist and more like a local. What makes this app stand tall is that apart from the usual translation services and an offline dictionary that other apps provide TripLingo provides a host of handy features such as a book for most commonly used phrases (with 4 levels of slang from formal to casual), tip calculator, currency converter, a “crash course” on local customs and etiquette, and quizzes to help you learn quickly. Although the free version of the app gives you basic access to nearly all its features, the premium account also puts you in touch with a live human translator, check out Leaders Translation, if the automated translation isn’t good enough.

How To Get The Services Of A Qualified Physician?

Unless we have a superior immunity to all the others that surround us, we are always going to need the services of a qualified physician at least at one point of our lives. Although there are a lot of people that simply make use of medicines in order to self-diagnose themselves and get rid of their element, that is not always the correct method. There are various diseases that can masquerade as common cold, but as soon as it gets itself harnessed into your body, it ends up showing symptoms of a much serious disease. This is the reason why one needs the services of a qualified physician in order to get proper health checkups on a fairly regular basis.

People have been suffering from ailments; previously which would end up ending lives have now been treated with proper medicines. However, it still depends upon the proper diagnosis is done by the doctor to find out the problem on the patient. So, the focus would be to find out a qualified physician that has not only got a stellar reputation in the diagnostic arena, but has also had wonderful bedside manners for quite a while. You would want people that have a healthy camaraderie with their patients to be by your side rather than a person that is simply about diagnosing the problem in getting rid of the patient.

According to the American medical Association, there has been a lot of coverage provided for proper ratings and certifications given to physicians across the country, and the medical Association is doing their bit in order to recognize this problem and get it eradicated. So, with the advent of the Internet, people have actually got the best method of detection of proper physicians, and how they would be able to better make use of their service.

For the people suffering from ailments, getting in touch with a proper physician is the normal thing to do. However, getting a physician (check out physio Perth) that does not charge a lot of money is not always good for your finances. Who knows, an improper diagnosis could actually end up creating a lot of problems for you down the line, and you might end up spending a lot of money behind the treatment. Therefore, get in touch with a good physician, preferably one that has been referred by a lot of people that you know, and fix an appointment as early as possible.

The Recent Advancements In Kitchen Renovation

The world of kitchen renovation has gone through a renaissance, and there have been a lot of new trends in the market associated with this renovation process. Kitchen designs have changed, and the renovation now incorporates a lot of new ideas that are not only good to look at, but is a drastic change from the kitchen renovation that we might have seen a few decades ago.

Minimalistic design is what seems to be centering on the kitchen renovations of today. If the design is too gaudy, it is termed as a kitchen renovation that is stuck in its yesteryears. A lot of kitchen has now gotten polished bench tops and straight doors which make the entire design look minimalistic, and therefore wonderful in the eyes of people following the kitchen renovation trends.

People are now more inclined towards using eco-friendly materials (kitchen renovations perth) in the kitchen renovation as against a few decades ago. This means that the fixtures used in the kitchen renovation is eco-friendly, and so is the material used in the kitchen cabinets. They contain extremely low quantities of organic compounds, thereby lowering the air pollution, and ensuring that people with breathing troubles have no problem staying in the kitchen. Moreover, people have started using LED lights as against the incandescent bulbs, thereby saving them a lot of money in power bills while ensuring that the environment is not troubled whatsoever. Moreover, people are also using faux wooden floors, which are environmental friendly; while at the same time ensure that the kitchen has a proper, earthy feel to it.

Safety is paramount in the modern kitchen renovations; therefore proper mechanisms are also in place in order to prevent any kind of accidents. Therefore, you find proper alarm systems pertaining to fire -related injuries, as well as mechanisms that work to shut out the stove burners from accidentally turning on.

The kitchen renovations of today have also been equipped with a lot of technical stuff, making it look like the kitchen of the future. There are various appliances which have multiple functionalities nowadays, and it can be worked by the touch of a button. You have fridges and other appliances which will be able to make your life a lot easier.

It is important for you to go with the latest trends in the kitchen renovation or else you would be the one left behind. It is not only pleasing aesthetically, but also enjoyable, making it a better product in the eyes of people visiting your house.

Is Pizza Catering A Viable Career Option?

If you ask around, you would find at least three out of every 10 people eat pizza at least once a week. This humble Italian food has not only transformed the fast food industry, but is also ensure that at least a slice of Italy is to be found in the palate of every individual across the world. Of course, eating a pizza is a personal choice, but the primary fact that pizza can be found in a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian form is something which makes it inclusive of every kind of people across the world. If you are looking at starting a pizza joint or thinking about going for pizza catering, you would realize that this is a viable career option for you.

However, before jumping into the pond of Pizza catering – check out pizza catering Perth, it is very important for you to realize the kind of difficulties that you are going to come up against. So, understand the difficulties, find out proper solutions and then take a proper market research to understand if there are enough people in order to purchase pizzas from you in case you open up a shop. That way, not only would you be able to support your dream of becoming a big business owner, but you actually have a guarantee that your dream is not going to fail spectacularly.

Pizza catering is all about proper marketing. Of course, having subpar pizza is also not going to help matters, in case you think that you will be able to cut corners in order to get quality pizza out to the people. When you have dedicated customers, pizza catering requires for you to remain authentic to your taste, even if you are taking a beating on the sales. Little by little, you would be able to increase the number of dedicated customers coming to your pizza joint, and soon, you would find yourself raking in big money.

Pizza catering is all about making good pizza and then shoving it down the throats of people that are more than eager to pay you money for it. However, without proper marketing, you might not be able to get the word out that you have good pizza. So, take to the Internet, use the power of the social media in order to get the word out that there is a new pizza catering joint in town, and people are more than welcome to check it out. They can leave comments as well, thereby providing user engagement in your social media profile to further increase the exposure.

Is There A Need For Financial Advisors?

A lot of people think that all they need to do is to continue working, and with the amount of money that they make, they would be able to retire comfortably and without any kind of problems. However, what most of the people do not realize is that the amount of money that they make can be virtually used in order to make a lot more money than what they are currently doing. Simply parking your money in a savings banks account is not going to help you get rich; neither is it going to help you to retire comfortably, what with the inflation and health hazards that you might find yourself looking at.

It is at this given point that you need to take the help of financial advisors, people that actually have a lot of training and experience in handling accounts and helping people make money with their current finances. If you have a considerable amount of money in your savings account, hiring the financial advisor will actually make sense. These are the people that will enable you to understand the current investment opportunities in the market, the kind of benefits that you can get while investing in those companies or products, and how you would be able to get multiple profits within a short period of time. No, these are not multilevel marketing schemes, but rather the financial advisors will be able to help you identify the potential companies that may have been undervalued by a lot of investors, and therefore purchasing shares or even a lot of products and selling them on the open market from that company is going to give you a lot of money in profits.

Of course, financial advisors are not cheap – for example you can check out financial advice perth and see what they are charging per hour. Most of them do not work for a regular fee, but rather they seek a percentage of the profits then you would need from your investment. Depending upon the amount of money that you are willing to invest in the amount of profits that you are projecting to get, taking a decision on the fee payment for the financial advisor is in your hands.

However, one word of caution; before choosing the financial advisor, it is very important that you look at proper credentials of the person. You do not want to entrust your savings in the hands of a person that may not have a good reputation in the market. That can only make you susceptible to scams, and that is not something that you would want at this point of your life.