4 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

In today’s time, wedding photography has gained so much prominence that it simply cannot be done without, because, undoubtedly it is the only way to make the memory of a beautiful event such as this last long. As important as it is to hire your photographer (orange county wedding photographer) at the earliest, it is also crucial to make sure he is the perfect one for your wedding. Described below are top 4 things to consider before you finalize your photographer.

The Photography Style Of Your Choice

Consider what story you want your wedding pictures to convey. Would you prefer the event to be captured as it happened in a documentary style or do you look forward to a more dramatic approach? You could also choose to have only the traditional photographs. Or, something that gives a healthy combination of posed and candid shots. If these terms seem to confuse you, ask for the photographer’s portfolio when you set up an interview with him.

Background Research On Photographers

Look up local listings, browse the Internet, or ask for personal recommendations. Go through the photographers’ websites, examine some of their pictures on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and read testimonials from other people. You may even ask the venue or other wedding vendors for references. Jot down the photographers you like, along with a list of questions you’d like to ask them.

Personal Interview

Meet at least 4 or 5 photographers personally and take notes during your interview. Get them to discuss their style, experience in wedding photography, their strengths and weaknesses, and what package they offer for what price. Ask for pictures of an entire wedding to ensure they are all of the same quality. Explain your vision and requirements clearly and what you’d like the photographer to do. Ask him what his plan of action on the day would be—whether he will have assistants or not, how his team will be dressed, what will their interactions with the guests be like, his backup plan if things don’t go as planned, and will he stay longer if required. Get clear details on how and when you would receive the pictures, and whether he will post-process them.

Your Final Call

Go through your interview notes and determine which photographer will best work for you based on his work and your requirements and budget. If his price is above your budget, consider the value of his photos before you put him aside completely. Also, evaluate if you liked him as a person or not. Did you feel comfortable with him? Will he make your guests feel comfortable around him too? Do you trust him to take on the pressure and deliver the results you expect of him?