3 Best Translation Apps For Globetrotters

A major problem that haunts travelers when they visit an unfamiliar country is the inability to understand the local language. While a fair amount of English is spoken by those directly involved in the tourist trade, —enough to get you to hotels or local tourist spots—it becomes insufficient when you need to talk to someone to, say, ask for detailed information. At this point, it is safe to agree that it is quite impossible to learn the local language every time you decide to travel to a new country. What’s the next best solution, then? Language Translation Apps!

Below are 3 apps compatible with iOS and Android phones that have been tried, tested and voted the best by many.

Google Translate

For most, ‘translate’ is synonymous with Google’s tool by the same name. Google Translate is a free, ad-free app that translates over 100 languages, 59 of them accessible offline. For some of those languages, the app further allows you to draw characters instead of typing them. Too much trouble to do either? Have real-time conversations with the app, or point your mobile camera at the signboards and menu cards to get it translated instantly. It is truly as simple as that.

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

iTranslate Translator is a free app using which you can translate over 100 languages in either a male or a female voice. Additionally, the app allows you to switch between dialects when translating. By subscribing to the Pro account, you can make the best use of the app’s other features such as offline translation for 13 languages, verb conjugations, and voice and web translations. Plus, if you happen to own an Apple Watch, make sure you download the special version compatible with the device.


TripLingo’s translation tool is what you exactly need to sound less like a tourist and more like a local. What makes this app stand tall is that apart from the usual translation services and an offline dictionary that other apps provide TripLingo provides a host of handy features such as a book for most commonly used phrases (with 4 levels of slang from formal to casual), tip calculator, currency converter, a “crash course” on local customs and etiquette, and quizzes to help you learn quickly. Although the free version of the app gives you basic access to nearly all its features, the premium account also puts you in touch with a live human translator, check out Leaders Translation, if the automated translation isn’t good enough.

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